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Get the Look – Children’s Rooms for all the Family

Here’s a quick riddle for you:

‘I can crawl, I can fly, I have hands but no wings, what am I?’

Give up yet? The answer is (drumroll please) time!

Yes, every parent knows how precious time becomes once you have children, but nothing can quite prepare you for the seemingly limitless amount of categories your time suddenly falls into. For example, you have ‘bedtime’, ‘bathtime’, ‘teatime’, ‘cleaning tea off the wall time’, ‘for the seven thousandth time please put your shoes on time’… the options really are endless.

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to celebrate two of our favourite types of time that, for us, sum up the unbridled joys of parenthood – ‘storytime’ and ‘playtime.’ Infinitely inventive, storytime and playtime are the birthplace of many a cherished memory, so why not maximise the potential of your bedroom and playroom with our modern styling suggestions? Read on to find out more…


1. Beaumont rug

Terrifically textured, our Beaumont rug provides the perfect place for little toes to tread on a cold school morning. The geometric diamond pattern is delightfully playful and contemporary, too.

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2. Chaplin side table

With its slender frame and stylish figure, our Chaplin side table is the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom. This piece will elegantly support any side lighting or a stack of story books, to make reading time a refreshingly stylish affair.

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3. Milo blanket box in Black Jack pick ‘n’ mix cotton

For some seriously sweet storage space why not add a Milo blanket box to your child’s bedroom? Doubling up as a deceptively spacious storage unit and some super comfy extra seating, this brilliant bench is as practical as it is plush.

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4. House scatter cushion in Humbug dotty

How’s this for a smile-inducing scatter cushion? By introducing playful prints in monochromatic hues, your child’s bedroom will have plenty of visual interest without overwhelming.

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5. Elsie round footstool in Humbug dotty

We’ve got a wild idea – this Mother’s Day why don’t you get a story read to you (you’ve earned a good few pages of The Hungry Caterpillar right?). Give your storyteller the best seat in the house with this charming pint-sized footstool in our playful Dotty print in Humbug.

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6. Ava bed in Humbug sketch

We’re very proud parents here at because our gorgeous Ava bed was recently awarded the title of ‘Best buy’ in the Independent’s countdown of their ’10 Best Kids’ Beds’. With its handsomely handcrafted frame, rounded low beechwood legs and plump, padded back, this is a robust and refined children’s bed that is all grown up when it comes to style and comfort.

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1. House scatter cushion in Tutti Frutti dotty

Be sure to play with bold patterns in your playroom and create a space that’s chock-full of creativity. Our Tutti Frutti dotty fabric is light to the touch and full of life, making it the perfect fabric choice for a child’s scatter cushion.

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2. House Scatter cushion in Bubblegum pick ‘n’ mix cotton

There’ll be no bubbles burst with this bright pink scatter cushion! Our Bubblegum pick ‘n’ mix fabric will add plenty of punch to your playroom and is 100 % cotton to keep things lovely and light.

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3. House scatter cushion in Lemon Drop pick ‘n’ mix cotton

Rounding off our scrummy trio of sweet-shop inspired cushions is our house scatter cushion in Lemon Drop pick ‘n’ mix cotton. The soft cotton fabric and sunny hue will lend your next playtime plenty of zest!

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4. Alfie mini 2 seat sofa in Tutti Frutti caterpillar

Is it the seat of an aeroplane, the back of a dragon or a jewel encrusted throne? Answer – it’s all of the above! Let our gorgeous Alfie sofa guide your imagination with its vivid caterpillar print and effortlessly stylish silhouette. Built to endure the most adventurous of playtimes, this design boasts beautifully rounded beechwood legs and plush padding and will keep things contemporary and comfortable from the word go!

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5. Dune rug

Keep your style as vivid as your imagination with this graphic Dune rug. The pattern is charming and contemporary while the 100% cotton fabrication helps to keep things soft and luxurious underfoot.

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6. Elsie footstool in Bubblegum pick ‘n’ mix cotton

Looking for somewhere sweet to pop your feet? Check out our Elsie footstool in Bubblegum pick ‘n’ mix cotton. This handcrafted footstool cuts a beautifully curved shape and features super soft padding to offer pint-sized additional seating to your playroom.

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You may be thinking that we’ve forgotten the most elusive time a parent is treated to – ‘me time’ (and no, shutting yourself in the bathroom to brush your teeth for two minutes while simultaneously answering questions about dinosaurs through a closed door does not count). Fear not, for this Mother’s Day we’re offering one fabulous mumma a year’s supply of beautiful Bloom & Wild flowers. Click on the link below for the chance to stop and smell the roses (or tulpis… up to you).



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