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Chic office styling with blogger LAFOTKA

If you work or study at home, then having a space where you can take a few minutes away from the screen is a must.  Picking the right furniture for your office could increase your chances of productivity in a beautiful and organised space, whilst giving you somewhere to relax when you need a break. 

You should choose a hero piece for all rooms in your home, just as you would your living room. Allow it to express your style and personality, which is just what blogger, Tatyana, has done.  Tatyana, who shares her lifestyle tips and creative musings over at has recently renovated her home office, which features our striking Percy loveseat. Read on to find out more about Tatyana’s chic setup. 

Can you tell us a little a bit about your blog? 

I started my blog about 5 years ago as a creative outlet for myself. I’ve always been creative and loved fashion, so combining the two together was the perfect opportunity to express myself. Who knew that my passion would become a full-time business after a few years? Best decision I ever made. I blog on LAFOTKA about personal style, travel, food and anything else I find interesting – it’s just so lovely and rewarding that people like to read what I get up to. Lately, I’ve started to blog a bit more about interiors since we moved out of our tiny flat into a gorgeous farmhouse in the countryside. Shooting furniture, styling and decorating my favourite rooms is so much fun. 

Dusty Rose velvet + gold accents =  a perfect match 

How would you describe your interior style? 

There are so many styles that I think I love, but wouldn’t bring into my home if that makes sense? Some homes look incredible with an all-vintage style, Moroccan accents or full-on minimalism, whereas I like to mix it up a little. I guess my interior style changes depending on the house type we live in. I like to complement the original features with pieces from the same era or characteristics. For example, earthy wooden homely pieces and tones look great in the farmhouse we’re currently living in. But at the same time, it’s fun to break the rules a bit too and bring in some modern, chic colourful pieces with a “wow factor”. 

Where do you find inspiration for your home?

Pinterest. Ha, really! There’s so much inspiration on social media and interior magazines, but I also think it’s fun to bring in elements that are a little bit more personal. Family roots, culture or special places I’ve visited, for example. Restaurant and cafes all over the world have some cool pieces that sometimes get me all excited and obsessed about certain styles. Loop ‘n’ Scoop shop in Glasgow has this cool “half-wooden-half-tiled” floor that I’m so going to copy one day in my own way. And my obsession for a pink accent chair for my office began after visiting Glasgow’s new Karen Millen flagship store last year. Inspiration is all around us – we just need to be open to it.

Feet up, we insist! 

You’ve recently renovated your office – how did you envision this would look before you started?

The office room was meant to be a spare guest room in the house actually and it had black and white wallpaper. As much as I’m all for making my guests welcome and comfortable in our home, I couldn’t let that gorgeous room sit unused. So I stole it and decided to make it into the creative, relaxing office space I’ve always dreamt of. 

As soon as I started envisioning the office, I started seeing pink and grey. I’m usually not a big fan of pink, but had to go with my gut and choose pieces and colours intuitively. I knew exactly where I wanted my desk and my accent chair to sit. It was just what that room was made for, you know? 

Did you achieve the look you set out to achieve?

 Yes and so much more. The great thing about choosing to stick to just two colours, is that I could experiment with different accessories and metals. Rose gold, rattan, blacks and plenty of plants to play around with in my office. 

Whether you add complementing accessories or keep it pared back, our Percy loveseat makes a statement either way 

How have you made it personal to you? 

From the beginning, I wanted my accent furniture to do all the talking in my office. But I also wanted to complement the main colours with similar tones in my wall art, cushions and seasonal flowers. All of the things that can be changed pretty regularly without getting too bored with them. 

What did you find most challenging about updating this space and how did you overcome it? 

There really weren’t that many challenges to be honest. Though I did decide to get rid of the old wallpaper and repaint the space all by myself, which sort of tested my patience towards the end. It’s so rewarding when it’s all finished though. I deliberately didn’t want any shelving or drawers in the office as they can become too cluttered over time. Just a couple of key furniture pieces to retain that tranquil creative mood I was after. 

Golden accents, soft velvet and natural greens… we have a touch of office envy! 

You have our beautiful Percy loveseat in Dusty Rose velvet – what drew you to this particular style?

The size, it’s beautiful, chic and yet simple design, were a match made in heaven for me. So modern, yet with a slight traditional timeless feel and it’s exactly why I fell in love with Percy. At first I looked at armchairs and even sofa beds as I was trying to think about keeping the functionality of that room for my guests. But Percy won me over (sorry guests!) and I had to treat myself to my very own loveseat which I can stare at from my desk, use as a perfect backdrop for my shoots and of course lie down with my favourite magazine or a book. It’s just perfect for all of those things and looks so cute in my all-grey surroundings. 

Loveseats are perfect for two to cuddle up on or ideal for one to enjoy a well-deserved tea break 

Dusty Rose velvet is a very soft, but striking colour, how have you incorporated this into your design scheme?

My Percy is the statement piece in my office and to be honest, everything else kind of has to incorporate into the design scheme. Although Dusty Rose is a very bright colour, it’s still subtle and relaxing enough. Accessories and plants work so perfectly around it, it really isn’t difficult to work with the colour. I think I’d probably struggle if I had lots of different prints and patterns in the room like patterned wallpaper or carpet. Keeping things semi-neutral in the room gives me that freedom to add in or take out new elements as often as I wish. 

Standout style –  the perfect hero piece for a creative space

What advice would you give somebody else who is considering velvet, especially in a family home? 

We have a one year old German Shepherd who is not allowed on my Percy loveseat. Lucky for us, he’s quite smart and obedient, but for the extra care I sometimes use soft throws for protection and decoration. Just make sure throws won’t leave you with any fluff on your velvet. I’m currently expecting our 2nd baby and when he starts walking and grabbing on to furniture, I’ll be making sure there’s perhaps a coffee table in front of Percy that the little monkey can hold on to instead. 

Do you think you’ll be creating more interior content in the future? 

Absolutely! We have this lovely log burner in the kitchen downstairs and we’ve recently bought a 3 seater for cosy snuggles in front of the fire. I think doing something fun with that space will be my next interior project for the blog. Fire, hot chocolate, candles, lounge-wear… What else can we want during colder months?

Thank you, Tatyana! 

For more inspiring content from Tatyana, be sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram @lafotka and as always follow us at @sofadotcom for daily interior updates! 

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