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Mattress Guide: Find the one

Our ravishing Ravello bed topped with a Hypnos mattress

As most of us know, a good forty winks is closely linked to our mental health, with the different stages of sleep enhancing our brain health and therefore emotional wellness. And what sets the foundation for a restful night is quite literally, a good foundation…your mattress.

Soft tension, firm tension, innerspring, hybrid or foam? With so many mattresses on the market, showcasing a plethora of features, it’s difficult to determine which is right for your needs. To guide you through mattress mania, we’ve teamed up with renowned luxury British mattress brand Hypnos, to breakdown the jargon and help you make an informed choice, and as the saying goes, wake up on the right side of the bed!

Chartwell Mattress featuring pillow topped luxury

Foam, fibre and springs

Mattresses can be made up of foam, springs or a hybrid of both. While foam mattresses are excellent for pressure relief and motion isolation, airflow can be restricted making it harder to regulate the bed’s temperature, plus they do not always have as much bounce. On the other hand, the more traditional mattress is often made up from springs that boast more bounce and have great airflow for a cooler sleep experience. Nonetheless, the benefit of bounce sacrifices movement isolation meaning they can be less supportive.

If a mattress seems inexpensive, check its fillings. The quality of the fillings in a mattress is crucial to your comfort, not just for the support they provide, but their breathable properties that help regulate your body temperature so you get a better night’s sleep. A mattress that uses a high proportion of natural materials is hygienic and long-lasting, providing you with a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep which is exactly what Hypnos provides in their mattresses. On average your mattress should last you 7 years, but Hypnos are so confident in their luxury, royal warranted mattresses that they provide a 10 year guarantee!

Our Chartwell mattress offers total body comfort

What tension is right for you?

Comfort is subjective and everyone has a different opinion but generally speaking, medium tension is the most popular as it provides great support yet the mattress still has enough give to relieve pressure on the heavier parts of our bodies, so 50/50 balance of support and sumptuousness. On the other hand, a firm mattress provides a greater level of resistance with support, so is great for those who may struggle with aches such as back pain.

If you’re not sure on what may suit you, start by determining whether your current mattress is too hard or too soft. Begin by laying on your mattress and sliding your hand under the small of your back – if your hand fits easily between your back and the mattress, it may be too firm. If your hand cannot fit under your back at all, it may be too soft.

Here at we boast 3 different Hypnos mattresses. The Penrose is the firmest feeling of the three models and a great starting point for an everyday mattress. The Aylesbury is a medium/soft pillow top mattress that has an indulgent feel to it. At the top of the range, the Chartwell pillow top has a classic medium comfort feel and boasts a layer of pressure relieving natural Talalay Latex and mini Adaptiv™ springs that contour to your body shape to create a ‘cloud-like’ feel.

Breaking down the jargon

Spring count is something regularly referred to when describing a mattresses features, but do we really know what it means? By definition, this is quite literally the amount of springs in a mattress. Hypnos firmly believes that spring count is not everything. In fact what makes their mattresses so comfortable is the design, size and shape of their springs and how they are arranged within the mattress, together with the natural and sustainable fillings. Additionally, pocket springs evenly distribute your weight for total body support, maximising pressure relief and muscle relaxation. The more active turns (coils) in a spring, the more accurately it senses body size, shape and weight, helping to minimise pressure points, to increase blood circulation, to relax muscles and to relieve tension. Their ReActivePro™ system features firmer tension springs on each side of a mattress which help to support the normally more vulnerable bed edge, creating a usable edge-to-edge sleeping surface with no rolling sensation to the mattress sides.

ReActivePro is part of Hypnos’ Tripple Edge Protection along with a genuinely hand stitched border for a well tailored appearance as well as a flexible steel wire frame around the perimeter which creates maximum border support.

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