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Bringing the outside in

One of our favourite trends to have gained traction in 2019 is ‘bringing the outside in’. Emphasising the importance of introducing nature into our homes, this trend reminds us that life is indeed a jungle and we should be embracing it in all its leafy glory! From the inclusion of subtle succulents to statement-making floral features (and tropical prints/natural materials for the green thumb averse), this year it’s all about beautiful botanicals. Want to bring some wilderness into your own interior space? Read on to find out more…


Low-maintenance luxury

Our Betty armchair in Olive cotton matt velvet

Ferns are a fantastic choice for those looking to bring the outside in with minimal fuss. These low maintenance plants thrive in low light and will lend any space a sense of serenity and pop of natural colour. A great choice for smaller city apartments, be sure to place a couple of ferns in your bathroom (they really come into their own in humid climes) and you’ll be having your very own ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here!’ shower in the jungle moment in no time…


Go big with botanicals

Our Hendrik 2 seat sofa in Olive cotton matt velvet

Let your imagination (and indeed home) run wild by going for broke with wall to wall botanicals. We’re seriously inspired by @tribeandus’s maximalist approach. By combining oversized cactuses, small potted plants and overflowing hanging baskets, @tribeandus have created a space that flourishes from floor to ceiling. Opting to add our Hendrik sofa in Olive cotton matt velvet was a good call as its sleek wooden frame and exquisite upholstery complements their home’s natural chic.


Singular statements

Our Ophelia double bed in Burnham Norfolk cotton

If you’re more of a minimalist then think about adding one key floral accent to an otherwise neutral space. We’ve partnered a delicate cherry blossom with our dreamy Ophelia double bed to breathe new life into the modern bedroom.


Think about fabrics

Our Mabel 3 seat sofa in Jade smart velvet

Cohesion is key when embracing this trend. Pay attention to plush fabrics in natural hues such as woody browns, smoky greys and leafy greens. @Melaniejadedeigns has created a knockout living room with our Mable sofa in Jade smart velvet. The texture is rich and colour engaging, perfectly complimented by the surrounding succulents and tropical print scatter cushions.


Wall to wall wilderness

Our Percy armchair in Deep Turquoise cotton matt velvet

When it comes to interior styling, floral wallpapers continue to flourish! Check out this Palm Jungle print from Cole & Son that’s perfectly complemented by our Percy armchair. Statement wallpapers are a great way to strike the balance between natural and man-made and will get your guests’ heads turning in no time!   


Faux ferns

Our Fingal armchair in Dusk Lucy Tiffney London Lagoon stripe and Fingal loveseat in Dawn Lucy Tiffney London Lagoon Feature wall courtesy of replicaplants

If your thumbs aren’t the greenest or you don’t have time for some in-house horticulture, then why not cheat and go for a false potted plant or hanging basket? (We won’t tell if you don’t!) If you want to make a real statement then check out this incredible faux living plant wall from replicaplants. We’ve partnered this feature wall with our Fingal love seat and armchair in exquisite Lucy Tiffney fabrics for a space that is flourishing with foresty goodness!

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