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Bright and colourful interiors: styled by Little Big Bell

Throughout 2019 we’re going to be sitting down with some of interior design’s most stylish social influencers and finding out how they create their unique spaces. Who better to kick things off than the brilliantly vibrant Geraldine Tan (aka Little Big Bell)? Having wowed critics and her 400,000+ social media followers alike, Geraldine has got her finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to creating spaces chock-full of colour!

Speaking of fingers on pulses, somehow Geraldine manages to juggle her award-winning blog with a career as a doctor – a feat she accredits to ‘an ability to cope with a lack of sleep’ and ‘essentially working 7 days a week’ (though we think she may have a time machine hidden away somewhere)! When Geraldine’s not saving lives, she’s lighting up our Instagram feed. Describing herself as ‘very much a Spring person’ with a love of ‘pink, sky blue, mint green and canary yellow’ the Little Big Bell aesthetic is all about celebration and joyful self-expression. Want to bring some of Geraldine’s eternal springtime into your own living space? Check out her exclusive tips and tricks on how to successfully style a bright, colourful interior…

Throw the colour wheel away

“I have never really had a fear of using colour as I love it so much. I tend to go with my instincts when styling. Interior experts will tell you to use the colour wheel but for me I would say throw it away – styling with colour should be fun!”

We couldn’t agree more with Geraldine’s rule breaking approach! When it comes to using colour, it’s all about self-expression and we’re loving the joyful blend of pastels, neons and jewel tones in this space.

Divide and conquer

“Look for an accessory or piece of furniture that has a ready-made colour palette that you like and use that to style your room set. I divide the room into three sections: the foreground, the mid ground and the background and include the colour in each section of the room.”

An ingenious room hack if ever we heard one! Pops of red in the rugs, cushions and artwork help to create a sense of continuity through each section of Geraldine’s rainbow bright room.

Follow your heart when it comes to fabric choice

“I think you should always go with your gut instinct, if you like the feel of a fabric then go with it! Velvet will never go out of trend. The only thing that stopped me getting velvet many years ago was that when my kids were younger, I was worried about getting stains on the fabric. I think velvets are more robust nowadays and I believe you can get them with stain guard too.”

We’re also great believers in going with your gut instinct when finding a fabric. And if you share Geraldine’s concerns about preserving your velvet upholstery, we recommend checking out our range of smart velvets. These ingenious fabrics allow you to wipe away any spilled liquids without leaving a stain. That’s handy!

Pick your pieces wisely

“I think my new yellow Harper sofa from really sums up my current style – it’s all about happiness! I chose those bright jewel colours as I wanted some colourful optimism going into 2019. I also love the elegant scallop back pattern of the Harper and feel yellow is going to be a big trend over the coming seasons. Millennium pink is still going strong, but I think Generation Z yellow will soon overtake it (although I would never give up on pink altogether). I didn’t want matching colours so chose the Betty armchairs in different bright hues.”

Geraldine has taken full advantage of our customisable pieces and has plumped for our Harper 2 seat sofa in Canary cotton matt velvet with Amazon piping, our Betty armchair in Amazon cotton matt velvet with Electric Blue piping and buttons, as well as our Betty armchair in Peony cotton matt velvet with Claret piping and buttons.

Bring everything together with accessories

“I love using layered colourful cushions, art prints and rugs to bring everything together.”

1. Betty armchair in Amazon cotton matt velvet with Electric Blue piping and buttons 2. Taylor side table 3. Athene rug in Cerise 4. Betty armchair in Peony cotton matt velvet with Claret piping and buttons 5. Harper 2 seat sofa in Canary cotton matt velvet with Amazon piping 6. Scatter cushion in Coral brushed linen cotton 7. Scatter cushion in Dusty Rose cotton matt velvet 8. Pimlico Large Mirror


For more inspiration, check out Geraldine’s blog and Instagram page!



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