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Best sofas for the family home

The family sofa is a multi-faceted creature – a cinema seat one day, a castle the next (disclaimer – you don’t need to have children to build a fort, it’s an ageless art). Styling the family home is all about stamina, your design and upholstery choices should be able to stand the test of time without introducing any anxiety into your living space. So, with that in mind, you can a) cover all future sofa in plastic wrap or b) take a look at our top sofa picks for the perfect family living area. Option b? We thought that might be the case…

Teddy sofa

Our Teddy 2.5 seat sofa in Eucalyptus smart cotton

You know how when you see someone spilling their drink, the world seems to move in slow motion? You find yourself diving Mission Impossible style towards your child as a beaker of juice tumbles from their not-quite-tight- enough-grip (or towards your friend as a glass of wine tumbles from their not-quite-tight-enough-grip…). Well, prepare to take the blockbuster levels of stress out of situations like these with our gorgeous brand new Teddy sofa, photographed here in an exciting new addition to our smart fabric offering – smart cotton. Teddy’s super deep seat cushions and classically stylish shape makes it an extremely comfy choice for the modern family home, while our exquisite brand new range of smart cottons have been Teflon coated so that you’ll have time to wipe away any spillages before they set in. Match made in heaven, we’d say!

Holly chaise sofa 

Our Holly left hand chaise sofa in Gladstone vintage leather

If you’re looking for the ultimate family sofa then look no further than our Holly chaise sofa in vintage leather. Naturally hardwearing and surprisingly easy to care for, our leather sofas are the perfect choice for families wanting style, practicality, and quality. Shown here on our Holly chaise sofa (the perfect shape for your open plan kitchen/diner), our fully aniline vintage leather completely embraces its well-loved looks, resulting in a richly textured and natural looking leather perfect for creating a piece of furniture you can enjoy for years to come. The natural markings from the hide can be seen through the matt finish beeswax coating, meaning you get a truly unique and one of a kind piece of furniture that will hold its own no matter what ‘family time’ looks like – and simply wiped clean with a damp cloth afterwards… result!

Bluebell sofa bed

Our Bluebell 3 seat sofa bed in Olive cotton matt velvet

Ah the sleepover, a rite of passage when establishing your growing independence (‘‘I will be eating toffee popcorn at two-thirty in the morning because I’m an adult now, mum!’’) Be sure to give your children’s guests the best with our beautiful Bluebell sofa bed. Transforming from decadent sofa into sumptuous double bed in a matter of seconds, our Bluebell will ensure a good night’s sleep all round… not that anyone will actually be sleeping of course, as ‘we’re staying up all night mum!!!’ (cue the sound of snoring at 11:58 pm).

Izzy corner sofa

Our Izzy medium corner sofa in Dove smart velvet

We know what you’re thinking – ‘velvet? In a home prone to sticky fingers and muddy paws? VELVET?’. If you’ve given up on the idea of owning a velvet sofa until the little ones have enrolled at university (or the little furry ones have enrolled in doggy college) then fear not – we have a solution! Just like their cotton and linen counterparts, our smart velvets have been designed to take the stress out of unexpected spillages. Liquid will bead up on the surface of your sofa rather than sinking straight in, meaning you have a few moments to mop away any spills before they have time to set in and ruin your home style. Photographed here on our Izzy corner sofa, this duo makes an irresistible addition to the modern family home and is the perfect choice when looking to fit the whole family onto your sofa for a family portrait (if you can get everyone to make a nice face simultaneously then you are nothing short of a magician, by the way!). Be sure to check out our full range of corner sofas – all of our most popular sofa designs are available in a wide range of chaise and corner sofa sizes in order to bring maximum comfort to the entire brood.


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