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Introducing our new Children’s Fabrics

When decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom and choosing children’s fabrics to match, the more eye-catching and fun the better! Bright, bold colours and patterns can ignite your little one’s imagination and it also provides a place for you to let your creative side run wild! 

This season, we have introduced a selection of new vibrant fabrics to brighten your child’s room including the deliciously named Pick ‘n’ Mix range and three playful patterns which are available in two colour palettes – the colourful Tutti-Frutti and monochrome Humbug.  If you’re looking for some pint-sized furniture for your children or simply want to brighten their current space with bold accents of colour or cushions, then our new collection will be just what you’re looking for. 

Pick ‘n’ Mix

We all remember being a child and selecting our favourite sweets at the pick ‘n’ mix stand and these tasty looking colours remind us of those fond memories! The collection of brushed cottons, in a variety of vivid colours, are each named after a delightful sweet treat and they have been designed to sit back perfectly to create a sensational look with our Children’s Patterned Fabric collection. 

Top  –  Bubblegum, Chocolate Lime, Black Jack and Blue Raspberry

Bottom – Lemon Drop, Orange Jelly, Strawberry Lace and Wild Blackberry. 

Children’s Patterned Fabrics

Playful patterns can instantly add texture and character to a room and what better patterns to incorporate into a child’s room then those inspired by the early marks they make with crayons, paints and felt tips? 

Whether on a piece of paper (or up the wall) one of the first things a child will pick up to showoff their artistic skills is a crayon! Our Sketch fabric resembles the pattern left by rubbing a crayon over a piece of paper and it is available in both the multicoloured Tutti-Frutti and black and white Humbug, which looks particularly special on our Ava bed and Alfie sofa

Ava bed in Sketch humbug, Elsie footstool in Dotty humbug, Milo Blanket Box in Pick ‘n’ Mix blackjack, Chaplin side table and Beaumont medium rug in Cream


Using polka dots in interiors is a decorating classic and when used in a child’s room it can create a real statement that’s fun and whimsical for both child and parent. Our Dotty duo of fabrics not only work well with our Pick ‘n’ Mix fabric collection but they also sit perfectly with other patterns, as shown in the fabulous rooms above and below. 


Replicating the marks made by felt tip pens, this fabric took us back to reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar at story time! The repeat bold colours and monochromatic colour palettes are a great addition to a child’s bedroom as it helps with their cognitive development. 


Alfie sofa in Caterpillar tutti-frutti, House scatter (45 x 45cm) cushion in Chocolate LimeLemon Drop and Bubblegum pick ‘n’ mix

House scatter 55 x 55cm cushion in Dotty tutti-frutti and Dune medium rug in Blue and WhiteWallpaper from Murals Wallpaper


These fun fabrics offer a beautiful quality that present you with endless opportunities create a look for your child’s bedroom that suites their own personality and likes and are available to upholster onto our adorable Children’s Collection, including a single bed, mini sofa, chair and blanket box as well on our house scatter cushions

Our child-friendly patterns and prints have been perfectly coordinated with the eye-catching wall mural from Murals Wallpaper which is available both in the UK and internationally. 

To see and feel these cheerful fabrics for yourself, why not order some free samples? > Free Swatch Box 


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