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How to make your home more 'hygge'

As we find ourselves more and more influenced by Scandinavian design, it seems it’s not just the furniture that’s making an impact on us, but the Scandi way of life as well. Read on for our guide on how to achieve the elusive feeling of 'hygge' in your home.

Often voted the happiest people in the world, the Scandinavians have built a particular way of thinking that they have put their happiness down to. And it can all be described by one word.

The word is hygge and it’s something that is starting to sweep across the mind-sets of other European countries as well, including the UK.

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The Isaac three seat sofa in Chalk washed linen, £1,680

But what is hygge?

Originating in Scandinavia where the winters are particularly long and there is little sunlight after 3pm, hygge is a state of mind whereby you simply embrace the winter weather. Often described as ‘cosiness’ or ‘togetherness’, Scandis say it should be thought of more as a state of mind or mood rather than a single word.

Think of it as the feeling you get when you sink into a warm bath, when slumping onto the sofa after a long day, or when you're nicely snuggled up in bed and there's a thunderstorm going on outside.

Isla_2016_ Silver Dexter's linen_Lands_01_LR

The Isla three seat in Silver Dexter's linen, £1,680

Actually pronounced hoo-ga or hue-ga, anything and everything can be hygge. It traverses both winter and summer but the idea really comes alive in the harsh and bracing cold season Scandinavia is renowned for.

We’ve put together five ways to create this feeling of ‘hygge’ at home which is guaranteed to get you through the winter ahead.

  1. Make your home somewhere you want to be

Scandinavians put a lot of thought and care into their homes. Find designs that you love and allow your home to become a statement of who you are, rather than buying things that you think you should. If your home is filled with items that you genuinely love, it will make it that much easier to sit back, relax, and ‘hygge’.

  1. Add texture

When you think of cold winter nights the mind instantly goes to luxurious textures and layers. Adding chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy woollen rugs creates an inviting, warm, and most definitely ‘hygge’ space that will look carefully styled and cosy throughout winter.

Patrick_Landscape_0023_base_ smaller

The Patrick three seat sofa in Satchel Vintage Leather, £3,160

  1. Think about the little things

It’s the little touches that go a long way into making a home more ‘hygge’. A sprinkling of candles is a Scandinavian favourite, especially when they give out scents that reflect the season. Creating a warming glow is seen to be one of the most fundamental hygge moments to achieve.

Consider dimming the lights, or just using table lamps to light your space as this will create a much more calm and relaxed light to spend the evening in.

  1. Enjoy the space around you

So often these days we're in a rush - in a rush to clear the plates after dinner; in a rush to get the shopping done; in a rush to tick things off our list. It's important to take a moment to stop and to appreciate the things around you. Reveling in the tiny moments that make you smile will create a sense of overall wellbeing.

5. Don't overdo it

Hygge is much more about indulgence rather than extravagance. Don't clutter your home with items you think may wow or impress your guests. Instead create a warm and inviting atmosphere that friends and family will never want to leave.

Fleetwood landscape shot

The Fleetwood sofa bed with storage in Liquorice pure Belgian linen, £980

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