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how to: decorate with pink

When it comes to bringing new colours into our home, it can be easy to disregard pink altogether for fear of creating a twee and unflattering space - we often forget that pink is a surprisingly versatile hue. Ranging from delicate and romantic pastel shades to bright and powerful fuchsias, pink has lots of potential. For ideas and inspiration on how to bring pink into your home, read on…

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Pretty Pastels

One of the easiest ways to incorporate pink is to use soft and subtle pastel shades. For those that favour simple and classic designs, these lighter shades are a good way to bring a bit more life into a room whilst maintaining a certain elegance. Our ­St Germain bed in Rose house viscose linen, for example, is a perfect choice for this otherwise neutral-toned room. The soft rose fabric brings warmth and vibrancy, whilst not overpowering the rest of the colour scheme. Highlights of the same pink have also been incorporated in the cushions and flowers, to furthermore enhance the bed.


The St Germain king size bed in Rose, house viscose linen, £795

Similarly, the Whitby sofa in Blush pure Belgian linen adds a fresh and light feel to this room.


The Whitby sofa in Blush pure Belgian linen, £2,220

Bright and Bold

If you’re feeling a little braver, why not opt for a bolder shade. A stronger pink instantly catches the eye and energises a space, and will often work well when completely unexpected. In this scene the Fingal sofa is upholstered in Raspberry, cotton matt velvet - a 'plummy' pink some might say. Perhaps an unexpected addition in this otherwise subdued space, the deep undertones of the Raspberry add a bold, focal point in a room that is otherwise lacking in colour. Its addition though cleverly unites the teal floral paneling, the china blue plates and lilac throw that frame it.


The Fingal two seat sofa in Raspberry, brushed linen cotton, £795



The Isla sofa in Magenta brushed linen cotton, £1410

If you’re not wanting to be quite so generous in your use of fuchsia, you could instead introduce it through a couple of carefully chosen scatter cushions. We collaborated with Charlotte Beevor to create these beautiful Jungle and Ocean designs below which sit perfectly atop a simpler surface. Small touches such as these add a bit more character and act as a perfect accent to the sofa.


The Zeppelin sofa in Turquoise cotton matt velvet with Charlotte Beevor, Jungle (pink) and Ocean (blue) cushions, from £49 

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