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We hope you’ll want to give your new sofa lots of care and attention to ensure it stays in top notch condition and, in turn, is able to look after you for a very long time.

Below you’ll find a series of handy guides to help you do that, all of which you can download, print, and keep in your Useful Things Drawer for future reference.If you have any questions about caring for your sofa at any time, please get in touch with our team on or 03454002222. We’re on hand to help seven days a week.


Caring Instructions

When your new sofa first arrives, you may find that the seat and back cushions look and feel firmer than you expected. Don’t worry, this is normal, and they will settle down after not very long. To help speed up the process, give them a good plumping to redistribute the feathers and turn them over every so often.

Weight of covers

When machine washing your covers, make sure you don’t overload the drum, as this can damage your covers and your washing machine. Please check the load capacity of your machine against the weight of the covers using our guide below. You may need to wash the frame and cushion covers separately. All weights are approximate, and sofa styles and fabrics will vary slightly.

  • Armchair: 4.4kg
  • Loveseat: 3.7kg
  • 2 seat: 6kg
  • 2.5 seat: 7kg
  • 3 seat: 10kg
  • 4 seat: 11kg
  • chaise unit: 6kg
  • corner unit: 4kg

Fixed covers

For sofas with fixed covers, regular cleaning with a brush or even a light vacuum will help keep it looking smart and dust-free. If you happen to spill something on your sofa, immediately blot with a clean, dry cloth. Do not rub it in or use abrasive cleaners as this may make it worse and leave a permanent mark. If the stain won’t budge, seek professional help.

Fitting your covers

Your cover is attached to the frame of your sofa with cleverly positioned Velcro strips. To ensure that it fits perfectly, follow these instructions:

  • First of all, loosely fit the cover over each of the corners of the sofa and then slowly pull the cover down to the base of the frame.
  • Positioned in front of the sofa, tauten the cover fasten to the Velcrobase, working evenly in both directions.
  • On your first attempt it is likely that you will not be able to stretch the cover and fasten it tightly enough to reach the Velcro strip at the rear of the frame. Carefully repeat the process until you can (it will happen!), then ensure the fastenings on the sofa interior area are also secure.
  • Replace cushions covers with zips and return to the sofa.

General care


  • Environment
    • If your sofa is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, for example in a conservatory or a sunny bay window, its colour may fade and the fabric may deteriorate. Heat from radiators may have the same effect so allow for a bit of space between the two.
  • Legs
    • Use a damp cloth rinsed in warm water to clean the wooden legs of your sofa. Do not use detergent. You may wish to polish them occasionally with a natural wax.
  • Frames
    • We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our sofa, bed and chair frames so much so that they are covered for a lifetime. Our hardwood frames are made from European beech trees making them super tough and built to last.

  If for some reason the frame of your sofa, bed or chair is faulty please get in touch with our after sales team who will happily refund, repair or replace your item depending on the fault, at no cost or hassle to you.


Guardsman fabric protection

You can protect your sofa from nasty stains with Guardsman Fabric Protection. This is because the treatment which we apply for you prior to delivery makes it far less likely that you will suffer a stain, by preventing hazardous liquids from sinking into your lovely natural covers. The treatment is just £90 for a 3 seat sofa and is entirely undetectable leaving no sticky residue or funny odours. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a little splodge then simply absorb any liquid with a dry cloth and call Guardsman on 0123 544 8844 who will send a stain removal solution. If this still doesn’t work, they will send a friendly cleaning man to remove the stain for free. If the stain is very persistent then Guardsman will replace the affected cover at no cost to you at all. If you have opted for leather furniture you can also purchase a Guardsman Leather Warranty as well. Unfortunately we are unable to offer fabric protection to the Republic of Ireland at present.

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