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Hannah Weedon

Textile Design at Falmouth University

Running the risk of sounding cliché, I am an ambitious and driven individual, who deems herself incredibly fortunate in the simple fact of that I love what I do. As a place of great natural beauty with inspiration around every corner, I am lucky enough to study in Falmouth, which has without a doubt aided my work in the last couple of years. As mentioned before, I have always had an eye particularly for florals. This design is part of a floral project that I feel encompasses and personifies me the best, almost as though looking in the mirror.

about the work

The design I have submitted is one taken from a project I did recently. The fresh, crisp colours and style of Scandinavian designers, such as Josef Frank and Goken Jobs, inspired the project massively. Through looking at botanical drawings and taking walks in near by Cornish meadows I began to create a collection of painted and drawn illustrations to work from digitally. I have always had a passion for florals, but was fully aware that florals have been done time and time again, which is why I made the decision to focus on more overlooked weeds and leaves that you wouldn’t necessarily initially think to use aesthetically. Despite being a bold, brave print; by choosing a careful colour palette, I feel as though this allows the design to transform an item of furniture in to a statement piece, without being garish. I also believe that I have managed to find a happy medium through incorporate my style of drawing along with the Scandinavian influences I have picked up along the way.