sofas with removable covers

Easy to clean or change with the seasons. The choice is yours.

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so-fa with re-mov-a-ble co-ver [soh-fuh with ri-moo-vuh-buhl kuhv-er]
One of the questions we get asked most is ‘Can I remove the sofa covers on my sofa?’ And the answer is yes, lots of our sofas have sofa covers that you can remove. So if you’re worried about spills, stains and easy cleaning, choose a sofa from our removable cover sofa range - there are seven popular styles to choose from. Like to update your interiors as the seasons change? Perhaps you prefer a darker, cosy colour for Winter, but come the Spring you want to freshen your living room with a brighter, lighter colour palette? No problem. Choose one of our sofas with removable covers, and choose two different sets of covers in different fabrics!


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