blanket boxes

Stuck for storage? Here’s the answer! An ottoman for the 21st Century and a modern-day treasure chest.

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Blan-ket box [blang-kit boks]
Taken literally, a blanket box is something to put your blankets in (duh!). But these modern day treasure chests also offer a multi-functional world of opportunities. Plonked or perched at the foot of a bed, or neatly tucked into a bay window, a blanket box is a perfectly stylish storage vessel, a treat for the eyes and heaven for bottoms. Our blanket boxes are made using the best possible ingredients, and can be covered in any of our beautiful, natural fabrics. Why not mix things up and add a dash of the eccentric, with contrast piping on the Scallop or colourful buttons on the, er, Buttons? Whichever one you go for, your blanket box will be a welcome addition to your home and a firm friend for life.


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