We take our fabrics very seriously at sofa.com,
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We buy the very best, and cut no corners in this department. Our beautiful, natural fabrics are all woven in a selection of the very best mills in Belgium and Italy.


  • > House Linen Cotton

    house linen cotton

    This excellent fabric is made from 50% cotton and 50% linen. It looks great in any environment, is hardwearing, and will last for years. It also has the advantage of being fantastic value. Most importantly it's a very beautiful fabric that has real understated style. Available in Cookie or herringbone.
    • cookie
    • herringbone
  • > House Viscose Linen

    house viscose linen

    This is a most clever fabric. A fabulous blend of viscose and linen, which is both lustrous and soft (the viscose bit) as well as lovely and lineny (the linen bit). The yarn has been dyed in such a way so as to create a beautifully contrasted, asymmetrical and subtle pattern..
    • Rock
    • Rose
    • Denim
    • Savory
  • > Nomad Stripes

    nomad stripes

    Bursting on to the scene with some bright, summery stripes, this fabric is a guaranteed hit for any dedicated followers of fashion. Indigo is 2013's top interiors trend, whilst clashing pink and orange are a match made in colour-block heaven. These stripes are a combination of linen and viscose, making them softer than a nomad's saddle and damn smart when upholstered.
    • Indigo
    • Summer
  • > Lightweight Linen

    lightweight linen

    Lightweight linens hang loose - not a hippy slogan, but a plain, somewhat boring, but nevertheless important fact. They hang differently from their heavier cousins - in a laid back, relaxed, groovy sort of way. Not suitable for all furniture, but great for sofas with slip covers. Five cracking colours.
    • Peony
    • Cornflower
    • Elderflower
    • Fennel
    • Forest
  • > Floral Linen

    floral linen

    As it says on the tin - this linen is lightweight (meaning it hangs real loose in a relaxed and unstuffy manner) and has a beautiful understated floral pattern painted on it (not a massive in-your-face bouquet, but something much more elegant and understated). A great fabric, though not available on all models. Perfect for all beds, valances and a few of our more laid back sofas.
    • Burleigh
    • Wedgewood
    • Denby
  • > Brushed Linen Cotton

    brushed linen cotton

    We chose this fabric for a very simple reason: it's one of the most beautiful upholstery fabrics that money can buy. The fabric has a wonderful soft feel, and is genuinely luxurious. When sold on the high street this fabric commands a price of £32 per metre (and you usually need 16metres of fabric for a three seat sofa) which will give you some idea of how reasonable our prices are.
    • aubergine
    • charcoal
    • deep moss
    • heat and dust
    • midnight blue
    • raspberry
    • taupe
    • Shell
    • Flint
    • Lettuce
    • Chilli
    • Lagoon
    • Loch
    • Stone
  • > Coloured Herringbone

    coloured herringbone

    We developed these fabrics with our mill in Belgium because we love linen and we love Herringbone, and the best linen herringboners on the planet are our mussel munching chums from Belgium. We love the colours – they work brilliantly together and they represent idiotically good value. What natural fabrics give you is personality – slight slubs and tiny inconsistencies that add a depth and make every piece that tiny bit different. Pretentious but true!
    • Cardinal
    • Egret
    • Gull
    • Pigeon
    • Starling
  • > Crushed Florentine Velvet

    crushed florentine velvet

    Crushed Florentine velvet: need we say more? Well why not. It is woven in what we consider to be Italy's best velvet mill, just outside Florence. This velvet is luxurious, has a wonderful crushed texture and is phenomenally hard wearing and durable,
    • truffle
    • azure
    • Cloud
    • Storm
    • Honeycomb
  • > Soft Textured Linen

    soft textured linen

    This soft textured linen is exactly that. It has a wonderful feel and softness to it, and it has been dyed in such a way as to create a subtle and very attractive mottled colour effect. It is different from our other fabrics in as much as whilst it is still a "plain" is has more depth and texture to it. We love it.
    • hemp
    • chestnut
    • teal
  • > Pure Belgian Linen

    pure belgian linen

    They may not be they most fashionable nation on earth, but the Belgians do make the finest linen. We are seriously proud to sell this linen, it is made and finished to the very highest standard possible, and we can testify to that having traipsed around a large number of linen mills. The colours are beautifully subtle, the fabric soft and elegant - top linen!
    • duck egg
    • natural flax
    • peppercorn
    • thistle
    • white sand
  • > Broad Weave Linen

    broad weave linen

    We found this fabric in a Belgian mill, and knew straight off that it had made the cut onto the sofa.com list. It is sold only in one other place in the UK and there sells for over £100 per metre; ridiculous obviously, but nevertheless it gives a good idea of how highly they prize the fabric. It has texture, weight, softness and subtlety, and really is a fine fabric with which to cover your sofa.
    • moccha
    • undyed
  • > Corduroy


    Corduroy seems so impossibly English doesn't it, so it is a surprise to note that it originates from those stylish Frenchies, originally as Cord Du Roi (the king's cloth). We have this one made in Italy though - it is embarrassingly soft and luxurious.
    • mouse
  • > Soft Wool

    soft wool

    Soft wool. Or put another way Felt. This fabric is devastatingly cool and chic, but don't be shy - you can do it - you're up to it - you can pull it off. The truth is that, in contrast to most wools, it is beautifully soft and an absolute pleasure to live with. Unlike all our other fabrics this has not been woven, but has been created by ingeniously pressing dyed wool.
    • Granite
    • Ash
    • Turf
    • Pebble
    • Sky
  • > Highland Tweed

    highland tweed

    The Highlands we refer to here are those renowned Highlands of Northern Belgium, where we have worked for many years with one of the oldest and most civilised mills. Woven from linen, viscose and cotton this “tweed” has real depth, character, and a subtlety of contrast, that made us immediately think of the other Highlands, where the boys wear skirts.
    • Heath
    • Slate
    • Radish
    • Hyacinth
    • Grey Marl
  • > Recycled Wools

    recycled wools

    This is a fabric with a conscience. 50% of it is recycled wool from Prato in Italy, where 22,000 tonnes of textiles are recycled every year in a bid to put Giorgio's old jumpers to good use and become certified carbon neutral (which it is). We've just added in a bit of man-made softness to make it comfy, and long-lasting. The overall effect is a beautifully rich-textured fabric, that is wonderfully versatile - it's available in plains, plaids, stripes and herringbone.
    • Cuckoo
    • Swan
    • Tawny Herringbone
    • Merlin Herringbone
    • Heron Herringbone
    • Greenfinch Stripe
    • Robin Stripe
    • Peregrine Stripe
    • Greenfinch Plaid
    • Robin Plaid
    • Peregrine Plaid
  • > Pure Cotton Matt Velvet

    pure cotton matt velvet

    The world of velvet has many impostors, but this is not one. This velvet, made from 100% cotton, has a matt finish, and is soft and luxurious. Elsewhere this fabric costs about £52 per metre (you usually need 16 metres of fabric for a three seat sofa) so if you've got a penchant for velvet (like us) there's really no sane alternative to buying a sofa.com velvet sofa.
    • chocolate
    • claret
    • olive
    • deep turquoise
    • elephant
    • sloe
    • sunshine
    • smoke
    • Lupin
    • Squirrel
    • Donkey
  • > Dexter's Linen

    dexter's linen

    TinTin? Dull. Dexter? Now here you have an all Belgian superhero: suave, debonair, fifth generation maker of the world’s most luxurious linens, and our new best friend. Dexter’s linens are a cut above – heavyweight, stonewashed and thickly woven from the very best flax. You’ll pay more for this linen but you'll be not be disappointed. We've gone to town on it and it is quite exceptional.
    • Plum
    • Blueberry
    • Almond
    • Walnut
    • Pistachio
    • Nougat
    • Hazelnut
    • Amarena
  • > Roosevelt Velvet

    roosevelt velvet

    Teddy Roosevelt - nice cuddly soft teddy bears - yes, the name is a bit tenuous and silly, but you get the message - this exceptionally deep pile, decadent velvet is comforting like a mother's warm embrace...or perhaps your old teddy. Not for everybody, we accept, this blingtastic fabric is our most expensive - it would cost well in excess of £120 retail, but we buy in considerable bulk to make it affordable.
    • Hudson
    • Ganges
    • Baltic
  • > Navajo Stripes

    navajo stripes

    Despite its name, this beautiful fabric is not woven in the mid-west of America, but the mid-west of Italy – Florence. The fabric has serious weight and depth behind the stripes, which’ let’s face it, are a bold statement. A very decadent, sophisticated fabric this one.
    • coyote
    • lizard
  • > Mohawk


    Woven in a mill that overlooks the domes of Florence, as opposed to the cactii of Nevada, as its name might suggest. A big, brazen, strong zig-zag stripe, on a completely natural, super soft fabric, this fabric has a real subtlety and depth. Works brilliantly on smaller sofas and chairs; needs a braver heart for the bigger stuff. We love it.
    • Boulder
  • > House Leather

    house leather

    In official terms, our house leather is semi-aniline and full grain; put simply, this means it's a real pleasure to live with. It's supple, beautiful and hardwearing - which is the whole point of leather. No, our leather sofas don't cost £500, but then again our leather isn't coarse, it doesn't stiffen up and crack and it doesn't leave nasty dye all over your clothes.
    • Chocolate
    • Matt Black
  • > Devon Leather

    devon leather

    Our Devon leather is a natural beauty: as organic and undulating as the hills and fields of its namesake. A fully aniline leather made from the best bits of the hide, it is largely untreated and coloured only with dye, so that it keeps its unique surface characteristics. Consider this leather as you would a fine wine: it will get better with age and give you years of pleasure.
    • Lava
    • Parchment
  • > Rodeo Leather

    rodeo leather

    Technically-speaking, our Rodeo is an aniline leather, which means it’s really natural and is made using the best bits of the hide. This leather is the cream of the crop: it has a waxy feel and is genuinely luxurious. Due to its natural characteristics and the fact that it hasn’t been mucked about with, this leather will be admired as a thing of beauty by everyone that sets eyes upon it.
    • Rein
    • Saddle

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