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  • We've All Caught The Back To School Bug

    August 29, 2014














    Back to school. Sigh. Welcome to packing lunches, carpools, school zones, catching colds and science projects. The upside? A routine and a lot less mess. We've compiled a list of tips for packing lunches, school supplies and fun family activities.

    Fit and Fresh

    family lunch moneysavingmom.com





















    Trying to force persuade your kids to eat healthy is a workout all on it's own. But by packing colorful lunches filled with vibrant fruits and vegetables, it will make eating healthy seem more approachable to your children. Some experts even go so far as to change the names of healthy foods into kid-friendly names, i.e. kale=leaf chips, seaweed=mermaid food, chia seeds=fairy sprinkles. You get the idea.

    School Supplies

    www.westelm.com www.westelm.com



















    This would be a little hard to convince boys to use, but the need to be organized is not gender specific. Let's all take a moment to understand this universal law that kid's are going to make a mess. It's in their DNA, they want to touch, contort and understand their surroundings. Which is why they're so darn cute all the time. Keeping them organized is integral when it comes to completing projects and staying on top of school work. Find them containers like the ones above, that will intrigue them and keep them involved.

    Family Night

    feeds.apartmenttherapy.com feeds.apartmenttherapy.com




























    When kids go back to school, time together as a family seems to fall apart. It is important to schedule one night a week to get together as a family and do something fun and creative. Whether it's creating your own drive in movie or cooking homemade pizzas together, time together will help dilute the chaos of a school schedule. Just remember that, that one night a week is what they'll remember 20 years down the road.

    Transitioning back into school mode can be an adjustment, but take it one step at a time and remember to carve in some time for yourself as well! Happy studying.




  • Entryway Envy

    August 26, 2014

    First impressions happen in less than a millisecond and can manipulate your entire perception of that person, place or thing for decades to come. The same concept goes for your home. An entryway is your guest's first experience upon entering your home, therefore it is integral that your entryway exude warmth and accommodate your unique style. We have some tips to help spice up your home's first impression and no it doesn't involve strobe lights and/or a fog machine. Unless you're into that sorta thing...


    Sassy and Sensible

    thevaultfiles.com thevaultfiles.com

























    Using wallpaper and lively plants are a great way to greet guests as they enter your home for the first time. Whether it's an entire wall or just a section, wallpaper is quickly becoming some decorators "go to" for adding uniqueness to homes. The vivacious plant and simplistic bench even things out and off set the busyness of the wallpaper. If you're going for elegance inspired by quirkiness, then here's some inspiration.  But when we throw kids into the mix, that elegant wall or chic entryway are not quite as functional as we need them to be...keep reading for entryways inspired by children.


    Chillin' with Children

    sorganiser.wordpress.com sorganiser.wordpress.com



    This entryway is fabulous and functional. It plays into the kids needs without giving up the decorator's style and inspiration. We just love the vintage bells and sconces paired with eclectic picture frames, it really brings a farm meets country feel to the entrance. The baskets and hooks are a grown up's version of a student's elementary school cubbie, which look shabby chic while still keeping the kids organized. Can we go back to school?


    Small Spaces Big Ideas

    countryliving.com countryliving.com



    You don't need to have an entire wall to make a great impression on your guests. This entryway worked what their mama gave them and came out on top. Although the space is small, the stacked picture frames open up the room and make the entryway seem bigger than it actually is, while the small table and vintage decorations add the owner's unique spice to the entrance. Remember, when faced with adversity, or in this case a small entryway, it's all about confidence and how you approach the situation. Work with what your contractor gave you and create something inspired by you and your family.


    Now it's time to bust out the fog machine and strobe light.

  • DIY: Refinishing Old Furniture

    August 20, 2014

    Attention DIYers: Old furniture is not for the attic or the trashcan. Adding a fresh coat of paint, new upholstery and maybe even some glitter artistic wallpaper, can easily bring the youthful glow back to your old furniture. So get to scavenging, find some old end tables or dumpster dressers and get ready for your new weekend project.

    Distressed But Not Dis-loved

    www.things-to-make-and-do.co.uk Things To Make And Do


























    Give your old furniture a new chance at life. This piece was transformed from a tacky 1970's dust collector to a shabby chic statement piece. Start with sanding down the entire piece, add a primer, a few coats of paint, distress the edges and nooks with sandpaper, and finish it up with some furniture wax. A project that will at most take up an afternoon but will make a lasting statement in your home. For the full transformation and in depth details, check out: http://www.things-to-make-and-do.co.uk/other-stuff/how-to-shabby-chic-furniture/how-to-shabby-chic-furniture.html.


    Playing with Duct Tape

    diddledumpling.blogspot.com diddledumpling.blogspot.com

























    This DIYer found an old Herringbone dresser and made it their own. Duct tape is an integral weapon in any DIYers arsenal, as it permits for unique design and creative freedom. What was once an old, worn down dresser is now a piece of art, that will make any guest swoon. Better yet? You made it yourself which gives you ultimate street or DIY cred. For the entire transformation and a step-by-step guide, check out: http://diddledumpling.blogspot.com/2013/07/before-and-after-herringbone-dresser.html.


    Ikea Chic

    www.bohobunnie.com www.bohobunnie.com

















    Ikea has become a playground for furniture lovers of varying tastes. One of the biggest drawbacks to buying at Ikea, it that mostly everyone either, a) has the furniture already or b) has seen it at Ikea. This DIYer took their basic Ikea furniture and turned it into something that is one of a kind. Get the story with detailed instructions here: http://www.bohobunnie.com/diy-refinish-ikea-furniture/.

    Before you open the trashcan or let your attic fill up with "useless" junk, think about re-purposing it to create a unique piece of art to pass down to generations to come.











  • Ain't No Party Like A Pillow Party

    August 18, 2014

    Your living room and family revolve around the sofa.  Sadly, due to the constant attention and use, it can easily become a little run down.  Instead of replacing the sofa, which has already molded perfectly to your husband's figure, spruce it up with a new batch of cushions and pillows.  Which will not only breathe new life into your living space, but will enable you to get in touch with your savvy and stylish self.

    Eclectic and Enlightening 

    http://entermyattic.blogspot.co.uk/ http://entermyattic.blogspot.co.uk/


    Grey is a color that can go in so many different directions. The decorators could have easily added darker pillows and made this room seem edgy and romantic. But by adding lighter colors and eclectic patterns it automatically invites life into the space. The light pinks and blues take the rigidity and structure out of decorating while still maintaining a consistency in style.


    Dark and Stormy (not the alcoholic beverage)

    thelittlecorner.tumblr.com thelittlecorner.tumblr.com


    This room is ideal for a rainy day or unwinding with a good book. (Also, on a side note, this room wouldn't be too bad to drink a Dark & Stormy in either). The distressed brick and wood paneling make for the perfect marriage of vintage meets chic. While the couch is a little worn down, the new and freshly fluffed pillows, have the sofa looking welcoming and loved.


    Rustic and Homey

    thesleby.com thesleby.com


    Mixing prints and playing with patterns is a fun way to liven up your living space. It makes a bold statement without having to change the entire room. The geometric patterns compliment each other well because they carry similar neutral undertones. By utilizing different shapes of cushions it adds depth to the space and makes it seem less structured.


    Before you decide to take on a mammoth of a remodeling project, play with adding different types of cushions to your sofa. A fresh fluff and a simple burst of color could be all your room needs in order to look young and fabulous again.

  • Inspired Workplaces: 3 Offices That Will Make Work Suck Less

    August 15, 2014

    Who says that cubicles have to be grey and drab or that your home office has to resemble a public library? We believe that your work place should resemble you and your unique personality. Brighten it up with fresh flowers, inspirational quotes and stash snacks in your drawers. Get creative! Check out some of our favorite inspired workplaces and see how entrepenettes around the globe are making their work spaces into their personal work haven.

    Edgy and Dignified

    www.camillestyles.com www.camillestyles.com


    If you are going to do one thing in order to transform your work place, we suggest starting with organization. Having an organized desk and space helps de-clutter your mind and make your tasks seem more manageable. Doing it in a stylish and chic way is always a plus. The edgy chandelier and black wall coupled with the lighter rug tone make for a workplace that would inspire the masses.


    Simple and Elegant

    www.inhonorofdesign.com www.inhonorofdesign.com


    All white everything. White is an angelic color that automatically calms the mind. Utilizing this color in your office can help calm the nervous system and adds a sense of serenity. The picture frames above her desk add a  personal touch while also showcasing her creative side.


    Modern Yet Homey

    www.entermyattic.blogspot.nl www.entermyattic.blogspot.nl


    This workplace inspires, literally.  The inspirational wallpaper is a constant reminder to be the best version of yourself and to stay on task. The white desk coupled with the modern light fixture and clean designs, make this the perfect place to crank out some work.

    Work is always going to be work but it doesn't have to be boring. Transform your office into a place that will inspire you to inspire others.


  • Five Emerald Statement Pieces to Brighten Every Room

    August 12, 2014

    When starting to decorate it's easy to migrate towards neutral tones that make matching furniture a simple and often repetitive task. Adding a pop of color (tastefully) into any room transforms it into something unique and vibrant. The color emerald is often associated with sophistication, regrowth, fertility and prosperity. Check out some of our em-spiration for why we are incorporating emerald into our household.

    Emerald Throw Pillows

    http://signetringsandpreppythings.tumblr.com/post/20969727644/magnoliamerryweather http://signetringsandpreppythings.tumblr.com/post/20969727644/magnoliamerryweather


    Baby steps. Adding green throw pillows is an easy first step to making your color transformation.


    Emerald Walls

    http://projectdecor.com/environmental/view/id/2731/?share=160731&crlt.pid=sp.Zah7a5Japh7N http://projectdecor.com/environmental/view/id/2731/?share=160731&crlt.pid=sp.Zah7a5Japh7N


    Go big or go home. Paint all or one accent wall emerald green and add a sassy statement to your living quarters.


    Emerald Dining Room Chairs

    http://frenchbydesignblog.com/?b2w=http://frenchbydesign.blogspot.com/2011/08/monday-mix-color.html http://frenchbydesignblog.com/?b2w=http://frenchbydesign.blogspot.com/2011/08/monday-mix-color.html


    Who wouldn't want to sit in emerald chairs while they dine like kings? Adding emerald dining chairs is a charming but subtle way to incorporate color.


    Emerald Curtains

    http://www.home-dzine.co.za/decor/decor-emerald.htm http://www.home-dzine.co.za/decor/decor-emerald.htm


    Curtains are a chic way to shade yourself from the sun while simultaneously brightening the room. Enlighten your mind with  this floor to ceiling em-spiration.


    Emerald Picture Frames

    http://www.bhg.com/decorating/makeovers/before-and-after/a-youthful-home-decorating-makeover/#page=8 http://www.bhg.com/decorating/makeovers/before-and-after/a-youthful-home-decorating-makeover/#page=8


    This is a fun and bold way to keep your memories alive. By having the frames as the same color it simplifies the wall and stops it from looking cluttered. The painted stair runner incorporates the emerald color without being too over the top.


    By finding new ways to add pops of color, it will keep your house feeling alive and vibrant. Draw from our em-spiration or comment below and tell us how you prefer to spice up your house with emerald green.


  • If We Had a Million Dollars

    August 8, 2014

    If we had a million dollars, we wouldn't be here writing this post. We'd probably be off on a yacht with Beyonce sipping champagne. That is, until we realize that we don't have a place to live and that we need to decorate accordingly to our 1% tax bracket. Ergo: Rooms that we'd live in, if we had a million dollars. Call in your butlers for a glass of Chardonnay, you're going to need some wine to fathom this luxury.

    6e031ae0dd695df0f3fbef026c689d08 http://www.pinterest.com/pin/476466835548011949/

    After a hard day of swimming in your pool that leads directly to the ocean, what better way to unwind than emerging into your mansion of a living room? Ladled with high ceilings and an open floor plan this mansion manages to still give off a homey vibe with its warm textures and inviting furniture.

    http://www.pinterest.com/pin/9429480439295925/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/9429480439295925/

    Is this the first space house ever made? Clean cuts and edgy designs help it give off a futuristic yet relaxing feel. The floor to window ceilings make for the perfect coffee or tea nook during morning sunrises. And not to mention the floating fire in the middle of the room is the perfect addition to this space haven.

    http://inthralld.com/2013/04/10-enticing-indoor-staircase-slides/ http://inthralld.com/2013/04/10-enticing-indoor-staircase-slides/

    And when you get too tired to walk down stairs, use the slide! Why not? You're rich. Or you can always just pay your butler to piggy back you around the house; tomato, tomato.

    Well, we hope you enjoyed some of the finest rooms that money can buy. But remember, it's lonely at the top so share the wealth and get a slide. It's for the children!



  • Sofa History: Lounging Then and Now

    August 5, 2014

    People have always been drawn to practicing the art of relaxation. Whether it has been an exaggerated fall on a fainting couch, sipping tea on an old Victorian style sofa, or binge watching Netflix, we have an unnatural gravitation towards sofas. First of all they're social, comfortable, and perfect for naps...What's not to love? So sit back, relax, and check out some of the first sofas to comfort our lazy ancestors.


    What this sofa lacks in comfort, it makes up for in regality. Just by sitting on this sofa you are automatically considered royalty, heck, it's even shaped like a crown. What better place is there to nap after ripping off a corset and relaxing after a tough day of mingling with the commoners?

    http://rarevictorian.com/2009/08/victorian-sofa-corner-tables-and-settee-for-sale.html http://rarevictorian.com/2009/08/victorian-sofa-corner-tables-and-settee-for-sale.html

    We're not even sure if this is a sofa or an alien insect. Slightly terrifying? Yes. Practical? Almost. Let's give credit where credit is due. They did map out regions for two people to sit and for a small child to lay down in the middle. Did it just so happen to look like frog eyes with a creepy mouth? Well, that's up for interpretation.

    http://highvictoriana.tumblr.com/post/18299274580/j-h-belter-fainting-couch http://highvictoriana.tumblr.com/post/18299274580/j-h-belter-fainting-couch

    This fainting couch is the most convenient sofa to come from the Victorian Era. Who wouldn't need a couch nestled in the corner to catch you in the midst of a fall?

    Sofas have evolved from an elitist luxury to an exciting piece of art that is both functional and unique. A sofa is a place to gather as a family, lay down and read, or nap after a long day. We'll leave the fainting to the Victorians.


  • Design with Succulents

    June 24, 2014

    Why frame a picture when you can frame a garden? It is summertime and if you're looking for an unconventional way to add design and style to your home this DIY you could be for you. All you need is a preassembled frame, soil, and of course the succulents. Read this article for the full directions. Happy framing! http://www.sunset.com/garden/backyard-projects/diy-vertical-succulent-garden-project succulent-art-0210-l

  • diy: at-home spa day

    June 13, 2014


    Ahhhhh, spa days. Summer is nearly here which means we should all take a little extra time to relax and reflect - the perfect way to do this? A do-it-yourself spa day at home! So light some candles, stock up on fluffy towels, and get to pampering.

    Here's how:

    1. Make time. This doesn't only mean clearing your schedule from other appointments, meetings, and work commitments - it also means leaving your email inbox for a while and turning off your phone.

    2. Get organized. Pull together everything that will help you in your spa relaxation time: robe, slippers, candles, a calming playlist, facial scrub, comfy clothing, whatever you'll need for maximum chill time.

    3. Eat (and drink) well. While some spa days might include a tasty box of bath-side chocolates or some elegant French macarons, your body will probably thank you for generally eating on the healthy side for the day. Indulge in fresh fruit, roasted veggies and chicken, a refreshing smoothie, or some comforting soup.

    4. Quiet time. Whether this time takes place in a cozy bubble bath or simply perched on a cushion, we could all use a little more quiet moments in life. Use earplugs if needed to get true silence but the general point here is to pay attention to your breathing and take some time to meditate.

    5. Read and write. If you're feeling particularly stressed about something - write it down! It might seem counter-intuitive to acknowledge these things but getting them out and down on paper helps you release the stress from your body. Pull out a good book you've been meaning to read - there's no better time to start than now!

    Go fourth and pamper!

     Photo credit 

  • design around town: nyc type

    June 13, 2014







    See more at NYCtype.co on Tumblr!

  • colors of the summer: 2014

    May 25, 2014

    Hues of grays and whites of the past, be gone! Summer's officially on it's way and we can't wait to bring pops of color back into our homes. Here are some of the colors we've felt particularly inspired by as of late:



    Who knew a color could be so bold yet so soothing at the same time?



    Light-hearted and subtly feminine, violet looks perfect against neutral tones.


    Bright and cheerful, celosia orange looks great against darker tones which will bring out the "pop"!



    Cayenne speaks volume, bringing in pleasant dashes of spice and heat.



    Muted and easy on the eyes, hemlock green is perfect for those who want smaller hints of color.

    Photo Credits: grahambrown.hardpin.com, http://le-sojorner.tumblr.com, http://www.brightbazaarblog.com, www.ruthburts.comwww.californiahomedesign.com

  • inspired details: by the sea

    May 25, 2014

    You don't have to live by the sea to be inspired by the nautical lifestyle! Bring the outdoors in with sailing decor hints, cobalt blue tones, and beachy decor details.


    We love this nautical shower curtain from Anthropologie!


    Vintage glass bottles bring in some whimsicality to your dining room table or bedside desk.


    Incorporate rustic knots in subtle spots like around the base of a lamp or to tie off curtains.



    Use natural drift wood textures in unexpected places like mounted on the wall or repurposed into a unique coffee table.



    Pick artwork that is consistent with the nautical theme but still resonates with your personal style and taste.



  • inspiration: textiles at home

    May 25, 2014


    A good textile fabric is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring color into a room, totally refreshing the overall look of a space. Whether you've just come back from Morocco with a textile-loaded suitcase or have just stopped by a local home decor shop, there's someplace perfect in your own home for those fun, patterned finds.







    Image Sources: http://bit.ly/1kfU9Sxhttp://bit.ly/1k730AThttp://bit.ly/1owCndThttp://bit.ly/1ppdctLhttp://bit.ly/1k738QN

  • we love nyc

    May 2, 2014

    We've been in New York City for a couple of years now and are still smitten. The sights, the sounds, the people; it all adds up to be our very favorite place in the world. Whether we're lounging on the lawn of Central Park or perusing a vintage shop in Williamsburg, we couldn't be happier to be here.

    nyc1 a0fd2cac5e8914320df429ee82d8a5a0  7161c3e9b1aeeab59b0d26215ab83c00 33e8d497aab06abeca3fbb7985f638e4 8ea8a1d7ed121ad9bd8596d32bc6d65d

  • small spaces, big ideas

    April 27, 2014

    Here in New York City, it's not uncommon to see entire studio apartments the size of a coat closet. While this means stuffy and sometimes cluttered spaces, it can also call for intense creativity and innovative spaces that look downright comfy.







    Photo credit: http://inthralld.comhttp://www.forbes.com, messynessychic.com