The glorious world of soft furnishings is awash with question marks. If none of the below satisfy your infinite curiosity, then please, call us on
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sofa questions…

can I change the legs on my sofa?
You can certainly change the colour of the legs (or any wooden parts) on your sofa.  Our standard legs are beechwood with an ‘oak’ varnish finish, but we also offer ‘dark mahogany’ and ‘French white’. You can also, if you wish, chop and change legs between sofas – for example, you might not want brass castors on your Bluebell sofa, so you could swap them for Snowdrop legs. We won’t openly encourage you to do this, since it may change the height and thus the look and comfort of the sofa, but, hey, it’s your sofa.

Click here to see the legs.

can you have modular units made to your own measurements?
Our Stella modular range has fourteen separate parts, so a combination of them will fit into most spaces. In truth, our ability to offer yet more variations is very limited.
can I use my own fabric?
You certainly can! Give us a call on 855 500 7632 and we’ll fill you in or click here for a little more information.
can you do bespoke sizes of the sofas or beds?
We’ll do everything possible, but please understand that we very often we have to say no to these requests. Extending, for example the length or depth of a sofa involves some pretty major changes in frames, cutting patterns and cushions – it can become prohibitively expensive. That said certain other changes are easier – lower of higher back cushions, for example, to fit in with a window sill, or extending the length of a bed. All bespoke changes add to the cost and delivery time – please call or drop in to chat it over.
can I add piping to my sofa?
Yes you can. By and large our cushions come with three different finishes – rolled, boxed and piped; they all give different effects and finishes. For example, you may wish to add piping to your Isla sofa; in the circumstance we would add piping to the cushions only – we do not recommend we add piping to the main body of the sofa (ie along the back and the arms). Other examples might be to add “boxed” cushions to your Stella modular sofa.
what happens if I don't like my sofa when it arrives?
Send it back, no questions asked, and picked up with a smile (a little forced perhaps). For whatever reason, however tiny. But, if you have used a bespoke fabric from a wholesaler, or make bespoke changes to your sofa or bed, we are not obliged to automatically accept a return. That said, we don’t want you to have to live with something that simply doesn’t fit in with your life, so we will almost certainly take it back but charge a re-stocking fee (most likely of 35%)
I notice that pretty much all your cushions have feathers in - I have an allergy, can you help?
Yes, we can. In this circumstance, we can offer “fibre wrapped foam” seat cushions and back cushions made from pure fibre. And, since your allergy is not your fault, there will be no surcharge.
can I be certain that my sofa will be an exact colour match to my swatch?
Not always. Dealing with natural fabrics, especially when undyed can be an imprecise business. Batches can differ in shade and tone very slightly, and from time to time the swatch that we send out might come from a different batch to that which is used on your sofa. To be honest, the variations are normally very slight indeed, but there are certain fabrics which are greater offenders than others (for example the white sand and flax linens). What we can promise is that is your order, for example, a sofa and an armchair at the same time, they will be made from the same batch, and thus will match. Ordering an extra chair, at a later date, can cause problems.
is the timber used in making your sofas from a sustainable source?
Yes, all wood that we use, which is predominantly beech, is FSC certified, meaning that as the trees are harvested, others are replanted to replace them, and the overall amount of woodland does not shrink.

general questions…

do you have a brochure?
Not in the traditional sense, but we do go one better. Click on the ‘free brochure’ link and you can create your very own personalized brochure or “comfy pack”. Pick an info card for any sofa or armchair, and any fabrics you’d like to have a closer look at, and we’ll mail it out to you straight away.
is there parking at the showroom?
If you’re driving to see us, the nearest parking is located at East 20th Parking (6 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003). If you decide to pop in over the weekend, there is street parking available on 20th street.
how do I get to the showroom?
Check out our map for details. Some potential options are… If travelling by subway, we are roughly a 5 minute walk from the N, R, and 6 train and a 10 minute walk from the 23rd St PATH station. Coming by bus? No problem! We are a short walk from the M1, M2, M3, and M5 on 5th Avenue or 5 minutes from the X10, X10B, or X12 at 5th Avenue & 23rd Street. Alternatively, if you’re coming into Penn Station, we’re about a 20 minute walk away.

questions about delivery & service

will the delivery men put the sofa together for me?
Of course! We won’t leave until your sofa (or bed) is fully assembled in the room of your choice. If that means taking the cover off, breaking it down, and re-assembling it, then that’s fine. If your sofa needs a little steam to remove the creases then we’ll do that as well. And, no, before you ask, we won’t leave you with all the packaging, we’ll take that away too.
do you deliver outside NYC?
We currently deliver within a 100 mile radius of New York City for no more than $130. You can check whether we deliver to your ZIP code, and any costs involved, here. If you live further out, you can still order your comfy new sofa from us but we will have to provide you with a personalized quote based on ZIP, number of items, and weight. Just give us a call at 855.500.7632 to get a quote! Sadly, our 2 week free returns policy doesn’t cover any orders that are shipped outside of our delivery area.
can I have a Saturday delivery?
Yes, but they are darn popular. Best to request when you order, and we’ll do all we can. However it may extend your waiting time a little…

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