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The Stella

ah the Stella, the sort of sofa you'd want to greet you after a hard day.
This in will cost the refreshingly small sum of:

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  • lava devon leather

  • parchment devon leather

  • chocolate house leather

  • matt black house leather

  • rein rodeo leather

  • saddle rodeo leather

info House Leather from £2,770 £0
In official terms, our house leather is semi-aniline and full grain; put simply, this means it's a real pleasure to live with. It's supple, beautiful and hardwearing - which is the whole point of leather. No, our leather sofas don't cost £500, but then again our leather isn't coarse, it doesn't stiffen up and crack and it doesn't leave nasty dye all over your clothes.
  • Chocolate house leather

  • Matt Black house leather

info Devon Leather from £3,730 £0
Our Devon leather is a natural beauty: as organic and undulating as the hills and fields of its namesake. A fully aniline leather made from the best bits of the hide, it is largely untreated and coloured only with dye, so that it keeps its unique surface characteristics. Consider this leather as you would a fine wine: it will get better with age and give you years of pleasure.
  • Lava devon leather

  • Parchment devon leather

info Rodeo Leather from £3,980 £0
Technically-speaking, our Rodeo is an aniline leather, which means it’s really natural and is made using the best bits of the hide. This leather is the cream of the crop: it has a waxy feel and is genuinely luxurious. Due to its natural characteristics and the fact that it hasn’t been mucked about with, this leather will be admired as a thing of beauty by everyone that sets eyes upon it.
  • Rein rodeo leather

  • Saddle rodeo leather

house leather

  • chocolate house leather

  • matt black house leather

devon leather

  • lava devon leather

  • parchment devon leather

rodeo leather

  • rein rodeo leather

  • saddle rodeo leather

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      Stella is also available in the following sizes...

    • medium left hand chaise
    • medium right hand chaise
    • large left hand chaise
    • large right hand chaise
    • medium corner sofa
    • large corner sofa

    why sofa.com?

    1. Exceptionally well made, stylish and comfy sofas.
    2. Great value; a fraction of the price of similar high street sofas.
    3. Seriously beautiful natural fabrics bought direct from top European mills to keep costs down.
    4. Four week delivery, though often much quicker if in stock. Our own delivery service that is second to none and delivery is usually free.
    5. 100% free returns, no quibble, no problem, and we’ll remain chums.
    6. We’ve sold 40,000 sofas since we opened in 2006 and have showrooms in London, New York and Amsterdam.

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    The Techy Bits

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    Stella size comparison

    medium left hand chaisemedium right hand chaiselarge left hand chaiselarge right hand chaisemedium corner sofalarge corner sofa
    Total width252cm252cm285cm285cm258cm291cm
    Internal width212cm212cm245cm245cm205cm252cm
    Total height90cm90cm90cm90cm90cm90cm
    Frame height64cm64cm64cm64cm64cm64cm
    Seat height55cm55cm55cm55cm55cm55cm
    Seat depth65cm65cm65cm65cm65cm65cm
    Chaise length180cm180cm180cm180cm
    Chaise seat depth150cm150cm150cm150cm
    Total depth98cm98cm98cm98cm98cm98cm

    If you are in a panic and the heart is all a-flutter, then please call or click the button below, fill out the form and we will get straight back to you to advise and soothe.

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    Listen, these modular sofas are not easy to fathom. We have put together a number of standard assemblies, and below we have drawn pretty pictures of all the integral parts, with their measurements, so that you can put together your own jigsaw.

    detailed specs

    the leather sofa

    Equally suited to corners and the middle of the room, the Stella corner sofa is the perfect way to make the most of your space. Cool and contemporary, corner sofas can be ordered in an infinite variety of sizes using the different modular parts, as well as the suggested sizes below.

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