large corner sofas

these sofas are monumental and come in pleasing proportions, plus they are oh-so comfy!

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Lar-ge cor-ner so-fa [lar-ja cor-nah soh-fuh]
We have an array of large corner sofas to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes. The majority of our corner sofas come as modular components so your two corners can be of varying sizes depending on the shape of your room. If you’re looking for an extra large corner sofa then you can simply add more modular components to your sofa to increase its length on either side. Great for inviting family and friends round, as it seats plenty of people in perfect comfort. Our corner sofas come with or without legs depending on your preferred style, and can be upholstered in any of our house fabrics, from our leathers to our velvets, or our coloured herringbones; we have a selection of fabric qualities and colours that will upholster well on our corner sofas.


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