l shaped sofas

these sofas are stylish and comfortable and come in pleasing proportions to suit the shape and size of your room!

the comfy dictionary

L sha-ped so-fa [el shay-pt soh-fuh]
We have both large and small L shaped sofas, which come in varying styles, both traditional and contemporary to suit a range of interiors. Pick your selection of components with our modular sofas to make your L shape depending on the angle and dimensions of your room. There are a number of standard assemblies, but you also have the option of comprising your own sofa, much like a jigsaw! Some come with legs, and others don’t, depending on what you fancy. And some have removable cushion covers too, which is always handy. Sit on them, sleep on them, curl up on them, just basically live on them! A practical sofa and a great centre-piece to your room.

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