chaise longue sofas

the perfect sofa to recline on; feet up and all!

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Chai-se Lon-gue [shay-z long-ue]
Its name oozes French luxury but trust us you don’t have to travel to France to find elegant and charming furniture. We have a neat selection for you to lye back on, fully recline; feet up and all. A great sofa for lounging on, but a chaise ‘lounge’ it is not! Chaise lounge chairs are a great addition to a tired space; and a bedroom chaise lounge will sit pretty at the end of the bed. Be it French inspired, or with a hint of the Victorian, a chaise longue is for keeps; both practically and in the style-stakes. You might even call it a dog chaise lounge as your canine friends are sure to find this a favourite spot to rest upon. Particularly modern is a leather chaise lounge, which is also known to age well, maintaining both its charm and comfort.


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