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How best to convey this?  All our mattresses are of exceptional quality and seriously good value – you’ll have to trust us on this one.  We take them very seriously indeed, and have only selected them after an intensive worldwide search (as it happens they are all made in the West country).  They all come with standard spring tension, but if you require firmer or softer, you only need ask.  As you know, we love talking comfy, so please call… 0845 400 2222

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name The Comparative The Superlative The Tops The Exmoor organic The Dartmoor Organic
image Comparative mattress
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The Comparative mattress - prices start from £230.00

We went on the hunt for a really good, well made, comfortable, long-lasting mattress that didn’t break the bank. We found it in rural Wiltshire. This mattress represents exceptional value. Set on an open coil spring system it is generously upholstered with lots of layers of comfy stuff, this may be our standard mattress, but it's a very high standard.

Comparative mattress
Superlative mattress
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The Superlative mattress - prices start from £350.00

Mattress salesmen love to blind you with mattress guff: they love to harp on about “individual pocket springs”, how they mould to your contours, and how choosing a mattress will be the most important decision you ever make since you are to spend at least a third of your life in bed. Well, this mattress has got fourteen hundred individually pocketed springs, which, take it from us, is a hell of a lot. It has many layers of comfy upholstery, and if you were to spend a third of the rest of your life atop it, we are confident you would say you had had a grand life!

Superlative mattress
Tops mattress
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The Tops mattress - prices start from £470.00

Not only is there a base that contains one thousand four hundred pocketed springs, there is another layer, about 5cm high, that contains another thousand mini-springs, and further upholstery. This makes it deep, and almost problematically comfortable. We have one at home, and whenever guests sleep on it, they say that they have never had more relaxing, sounder sleep – they return home, refreshed, but sad to revisit their own inadequate mattress.

Tops mattress
The Exmoor organic mattress
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The Exmoor organic mattress - prices start from £830.00

We found our organic mattresses on a jolly trip to the West Country. Mark, sitting in a cloud of angora mohair, regaled us with his desire to create the world’s most comfortable, ethically sourced mattresses. Honestly, they are things of rare beauty (tough to say, we accept, for a mattress), and if you were to cut into them (which we recommend you don’t) you would find all manner of gorgeousness within. It has at its core a layer of a zillion pocketed springs – it is then upholstered organic coconut husk, organic Indian latex, organic, super fluff, West Country lambswool – everything, bar the springs is 100% natural. All this creates a completely breathable, absurdly comfy, fragrant, anti-allergenic, guilt-free deep green slumber.
This mattress is anti allergenic. The lambswool is treated with a solution derived from lavender, lemon & eucalyptus which renders it anti dust mite.

The Exmoor organic mattress
The Dartmoor Organic mattress
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The Dartmoor Organic mattress - prices start from £1,100.00

This is the ultimate in green sleep technology – no nasty metal-ness, no springs, just layer upon layer of beautiful squishy breathable organicness. The springs are replaced by the natural bounce of the organic coconut husk – no, it’s not as springy, of course not, but it soft and really lovely. Cashmere, cotton, mohair, lambswool (washed in the local River Dart) – all organic, all yumbles. The mattress is covered in a quilted unbleached 100% cotton cover that can be removed and laundered.
This mattress is anti allergenic. The lambswool is treated with a solution derived from lavender, lemon & eucalyptus which renders it anti dust mite.

The Dartmoor Organic mattress
springs Open coil 1400 pocket springs 1500 pocket springs and a further 1000 mini springs on top 1400 pocket springs No metal springs - bounce comes from organic latex and coconut husk
upholstery White fibre Wool and white fibre White fibre All 100% natural fibres All 100% natural fibres
cover Cotton ticking Cotton damask Cotton damask Removable washable organic cotton Removable washable organic cotton
Yes No No Yes Yes
warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
a bit
Great budget mattress. Seriously relaxing, grown-up mattress An absurdly comfy mattress that will keep you happy for years. Cotton, wool, coconut, latex - all organic and breathable. The ultimate in breathable, organic, deep green sleep
prices start from £250.00 £370.00 £500.00 £880.00 £1,160.00

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