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Tree house living: designer tree huts in North Sweden

Today we’ve upped our game and show you comfort on a grand scale. The Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, opens its doors to nature lovers on July 3rd, and we’ve snooped around to give you the tree top lowdown.

This is the Bird’s Nest tree hut, which is camouflaged and covered in branches. Believe it or not but there’s space for a family with two children in there. Designed by 5 different architects, each of the 6 huts has their own unique design. The Mirror House (below) looks awesome.

Experience nature first hand in this bling box, made in a lightweight aluminium structure. The hut fits a kitchen, double bed, living room and roof terrace and is accessed by a rope ladder or rope bridge. Move over Tarzan.

Rooms vary in size from 15-30m², and there’s a breakfast/conference room in the the tree tops too, with (hold your breath)… a sauna. No Scandi hotel would be complete without one, right? This is nothing for the vertiginous, so if you want to remain grounded you can stay in Britta’s Hostel, the base for the Tree Hotel.

The hostel is perfect for anyone keen to try homecooked Swedish delicacies; indulge in reindeer, moose, arctic char and round off with cloudberries. If the Vikings survived, so will you. The tree houses are open year round, which will please arctic as well as summer buffs. Has the Ice Hotel met its contender? Prices start at €360 per night and €190 for single accommodation.

Check out the idea behind the Tree House Hotel concept here. The film Trädälskaren, is about 3 urban men re-discovering nature when they decide to build a tree house. Seriously comfy.

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