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At Home with BODIE and FOU's Karine Kong

Karine Kong is the French Founder & Creative Director of award-winning online concept store BODIE and FOU. She's also a stylist and the author of the brilliant BODIE and FOU blog, and keeps her legions of fans hooked on every social channel going thanks to an endless stream of inspiring images and ideas for living a stylish, creative, healthy, happy - and we must admit - enviable life.

Recently, Karine and her husband undertook a major renovation project in their London home, starting with a loft conversion to create a double bedroom with en suite bathroom, which then became their home for seven months as the rest of the house took shape. Here, we take a peek inside her stylish, minimalist loft space, featuring our Sophie bed with storage, as Karine tells us more about what inspires her style at home...

Bodie and Fou loft conversion

Q. How would you describe your style at home? And how is it influenced by your work?

A. I love pared-down, soothing and welcoming white interiors and usually try to create effortlessly chic, family homes. My approach to interior design and fashion are the same: mixing vintage treasure with designer pieces and high-street bargains. My work as a Creative Director and Blogger exposes me a lot to new designs but to be honest, it’s often the same things I feel attracted to. Designs with clean, simple lines, materials that I have integrity meaning wood, concrete, linen, cotton... I love mixing textures in a minimalist environment.

Q. What’s your favourite room in your house and why?

A. Tough question because we recently renovated the whole house and now that everything is to our vision, I love more than one room in our home! But I’m a huge fan of the resin floor we put throughout the ground floor and the black floorboards in the loft conversion. Our new bathroom has walls covered with tadelakt and it looks stunning.

Karine's loft bedroom with black floorboards

Q. What is your most treasured item in your home?

A. I’m in love with our Ghost sofa and our Paulistano chairs.

Q. What was the last item you bought for your home?

A. A soft, stonewashed linen  duvet cover to go with our new gorgeous bed from sofa.com!

Q. What are your three must-have items in your perfect bedroom?

Stonewashed linens, white floorboards, blackout curtains

Grey linen bed covers keep Karine's Sophie bed cosy and stylish

Q. What inspired you to set up the BODIE and FOU blog? And in turn your online shop?

A. I launched the online concept store BODIE and FOU in 2005 and the blog two years later. I started the blog initially to keep track of my inspirations and also because I needed a creative outlet. While curating and styling the collection for BODIE and FOU is very creative, there is also a lot of things that need to be taken care of when you run a business that are far less inspiring and creative so I needed to express this somewhere. Then I realized people liked reading about my renovation projects and the beautiful things I discover as part of my job for BODIE and FOU. Over the years, the blog has evolved with me and there is now more posts about fashion and clean eating because these are things I’m into as well.

Q. Where do you find inspiration when adding to your collection?

A. Everything around me inspires me. I have a really bad short term memory but an excellent visual memory, and I really look at the things around me with a photographic eye. I see potential in objects very quickly because I know how they will look in the right setting. So a café, a shop, an art exhibition will stimulate me in many ways.

Q. What’s your idea/definition of ‘comfy’?

A. A place where I can sit/lounge without feeling the need to move for hours...and I’m saying this because often I will work from my laptop sitting on my bed or sofa!

You can see all the photos from Karine's renovations on Instagram @bodieandfou under hashtag #bodieandfourenovations. To read more about the loft conversion in particular, click here >.
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