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Yvonne Shore

Age: 57

Surface Pattern Design at Swansea Metropolitan University

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It all started with “why don’t you apply for this mum….”. Next I find myself being accompanied by my son on an open day for Surface Pattern degree course. A few months later,with the help of a neighbour and an fantastic Saturday course, I found myself , with portfolio(?), at an interview where to my amazement I was offered a place on the degree course. I have have just completed, most, I’m part time, of my first year… what a year it has been…enlightening… and I have loved every minute. As a person and as an artist (?) I lean towards the natural, I love the colour palette, the decay, I’m one of those people who will leave fallen petals “..because it looks good”. When walking Oscar, my dog, on the cliffs I ‘collect’ things- feathers, stones pieces of wood with interesting marks, while also taking photos of those things I cannot take – fungi, flowers, rocks… I enjoy anything abstract, sculptures, buildings , shapes. Some of my favourite artist are…Kandinsky, Klee, Miro, Braque, Pollock, Leger, Hodgkin, Kline, Motherwell……

about the work

I am lucky enough to live in an Area of Outstanding Beauty where I can walk over the cliff with views over the sea stretching to the horizon. When out walking I always take my camera, as with the ever-changing light, skies and tidal waters of the sea there is there is always something to photograph. I always return with hands and pockets full of drift wood, shells anything that I find interesting, I seem to have a thing for imperfections caused by naturally decay. I wanted to produce a design that is an expression of my love of my natural surroundings. The starting point for my design was photographs I took of some fungi while out walking. I did some sketching and mark making, which I then ‘played’ about with on Photoshop, producing a number of designs. I then digital printed these on to fabric. Earlier this year my son asked his girlfriend to marry him, as they are within the age group and about to set up home I asked them, to choose from my designs. I also asked a number of my friends and colleagues, wide range of age and circumstance and all chose the same design.

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