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Sophie Berry

Age: 20

Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors at Bath Spa University

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I am a young & creative student, who finds inspiration from many found objects and experiences, with a desire to explore and create innovative designs and techniques. I thrive in a creative environment and have a passion for textiles for interiors as well as fashion and product making.

about the work

A graphic and abstract interpretation of cutlery. Finding inspiration from something we use everyday, but often don't consider its detail or design. I see my design placed in a modern living kitchen, which is not the usual considered setting for a sofa, but one I feel could be exploited prosperously. The design is also versatile for a variation of colours, both the background and the main design itself, but I have chosen the off-white and dark grey combination as my final design as i feel it is classic yet contemporary and most appropriate for a clean line modern living kitchen.

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