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Sky Proctor

Age: 21

Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University

391 votes

As someone immensely excited by interiors, my personality naturally manifests itself within my work. I believe that the home is more than just a dwelling; it’s a reflection of its inhabitant, filled with tokens and imagery bearing importance to their life. By filling our homes with what we love, we create a comforting and inspiring environment for ourselves. For me this means filling my home with unusual knick-knacks and quirky imagery and as a lover of animals, an array of creatures adorn the place. I like to always be able to admire the beauty of nature wherever I’m living.

about the work

My design process began with an inspiration from museum specimens. As I ventured deeper into taxidermy and the idea of collecting I began to notice how recurrently these stuffed creatures seem to appear within people’s homes and thought about why we hold onto to these old and weary animals. I was inspired by the carefully labelled and categorized manner that the specimens were kept in and the human nature to hold onto souvenirs from the past but the deadened eyes and gnarly fur saddened me. I wanted to create a fabric that reflects nature’s beauty in an ordered and detailed way as these specimens do, but to bring the life back into them using bright colour and bold mark-making. Through my design’s use of symmetry, linear organisation and a subtle graph paper background you can see the scientific inspiration behind my work but my colour palette and inquisitive birds make the print exciting and distinctive. Designed digitally, all of the illustrations are taken from my original drawings based on species that inhabit exotic countries. I’ve truly loved drawing and putting together this design whilst learning about different species in the process.

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