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Ruth Duggan

Age: 21

Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University

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I am a driven and enthusiastic undergraduate. I create bold colourful patterns for interior products through manual and digital print processes. With a strong eye for colour, pattern and visual details I gain inspiration from the decorative delights that nature has to offer and the world around me. I am excited by the adventures of travelling. Opportunities to visit Southern India and spend time walking through Spain have both opened my eyes and stimulated my creativity. I get a lot out of being active; I am a keen runner, as well as enjoying swimming, cycling and yoga.

about the work

Based around the concept ‘like a moth to a flame’, this design is part of a collection of abstract designs that encapsulate the light, magic and mystic that we see in the movements of fluttering moths. My visual research was heavily based around this concept. I observed film footage of moths around an outdoor light to study their interesting shapes to create kinetic and fluid patterns. Their energetic bouncing, darting and spinning formed delightful movements, which I drew in various mediums. I used a range of inks, which enabled me to develop my colour palette as well as the fluidity and movement of the drawing: Indian ink was particularly successful for this design. Other naturally occurring patterns I also looked at were: smoke trails, skies and sunsets for inspiration on shape and colour. For this design I chose to use a monochromatic colour way to simplify the chaos of the pattern. The prints are digitally rendered, using original artwork to create block repeats. I envisage the designs to be upholstered in 100% natural cotton furnishing velvet for a luxurious feel and depth of rich colour, though the prints can be printed on any upholstery fabric.

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