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Natalie Raines

Age: 20

Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University

116 votes

I am a very enthusiastic designer who loves to play with a concept, through experimenting with media and processes. I see myself as a very determined young lady who is hungry for more challenges to teach me how to grow as a designer. I love to design for Interior Application, for its longevity and character. I adore my job as a Gallery Assistant and find that this role inspires my work, and teaches me a lot about the market. I am surrounded by work and people, that inspire me to push myself further and explore my skills.

about the work

My design was inspired by the bold prints of the 1960's. It's an uplifting design that should brighten up anyone's mood, a statement piece that will bring any dull interior to life. It's both fun yet functional. I was greatly inspired by Swedish textile designers of the 1960’s, for their sophisticated simplicity. Also Orla Keily for her organic designs that show such movement and depth, through colour palette, choice of imagery and how they are repeated. I began by drawing from organic fruits and vegetables, this print came from a stem of grapes. I overlapped them and interconnected the branches by repeating the design in CAD. My bold use of colour has re-invented the nature we take for granted.

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