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Matilda Hicks

Age: 20

Textiles: Innovation and Design at Loughborough University

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I am a hard working, driven individual with a passion for Textiles. I am currently studying Textile Design at Loughborough University. My influences include India Flint, Ori Gersht and Timorous Beasties. My work is very much inspired by science and nature, I love observing natural forms and the patterns and textures within them then recreating them. I am looking to move my work into woven textiles as my interests mainly lie in surface texture.

about the work

The inspiration for my design developed from looking at fruit and vegetable structures, I observed them as they decayed and drew from observation. I then moved on to look at fruit cells and drew from these. From a series of experiments I merged the two sets of drawings together using Photoshop and then repeated the pattern. The colour palette for my design was inspired by my initial photographs of fruit and vegetables. I created a colour palette by looking closely at the colour and then chose the colours that worked best together. I feel that green and purple are an interesting mix as they are not normally seen as complimenting colours.

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