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Louise Coleman

Age: 22

Textiles at Nottingham Trent University

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I am an undergraduate print designer passionate about textiles, with exceptional drawing skills, strong computer aided design capability and an exciting, unique style. I work well as part of a team and as an individual, and have the capacity to produce beautiful, intricate designs quickly. I am strongly motivated by my love of textiles and creating design. My designs draw inspiration from British areas of natural beauty and wildlife. I often combine intricate illustrations and paintings with my ethereal photography to create charming and unique prints.

about the work

My design, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, draws inspiration from the Norfolk countryside, British wildlife and Lewis Carroll's beloved children’s tale, Alice in Wonderland; I want to portray the animals in an idealistic, playful way, combining a British heritage style with kitsch elements. I experimented with tartan effects and blending photography into my designs, but found the simpler version of my print the most striking, effective, appealing and appropriate in the context of fabric for upholstery. I have used cameos as a means of showcasing my intricate illustrations; the hare appears proud and majestic, while the sparrow and his teapot introduce humour and whimsy to the design. The cameos sit against a background of tiny pen illustrated poppies. The design has a contemporary country feel; I have narrowed the colourways down to just two to submit as my final additional colourways which can be viewed on my fifth board. The first creates a lighter, fresher atmosphere, while the second provides a more traditional, homely feel. Overall, my design should provide an unusual alternative to prints for sofa upholstery; the colours are warm and welcoming, while detail within the quirky print adds a charming twist.

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