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Chloe-Elise Nash

Age: 22

Textiles at Falmouth University

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As a highly motivated print student, I credit myself with a hard-working ethic and the ability to innovatively apply my knowledge for the task in hand. I am extremely passionate about my work, developing drawn images using the medium of ink and paint in order to drive the core of my work. I believe this method of design development sharpens my evaluative skills in colour theory, which I then further evaluate and develop appropriately for either manual or digital print.

about the work

The patterns and fabrics that I collected whilst travelling throughout Thailand this summer inspired this design. I wanted to create a design that captured the decorative aesthetic that I witnessed throughout the country, whilst also showing an awareness of traditional, English Floral patterns. The different colourways show the versatility of the design, with different levels in vibrancy of colour, suitable for the individuals’ palette of interior decor. The design is busy but carefully considered to make a beautiful key feature in anyone's home.

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