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guardsman fabric protection

Aug 31, 2010

Please, please buy Guardsman Fabric Protection! If on a quiet evening you happen to spill a drop of coffee or your favourite rioja onto your lovely sofa, this may send you into a wild panic. If on the other hand you have bought Guardsman Fabric Protection this event will cause nothing more than a mild inconvenience.

This is because the treatment which we apply for you prior to delivery makes it far less likely that you will suffer a stain, by preventing hazardous liquids from sinking into your lovely natural covers. The treatment is just £60 for a 3 seat sofa and is entirely undetectable leaving no sticky residue or funny odours. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a little splodge then simply absorb any liquid with a dry cloth and call Guardsman who will send a friendly cleaning man to remove the stain for free. If the stain is very persistent then Guardsman will replace the effected cover at no cost to you at all.

If you have opted for leather furniture you can also purchase a Guardsman Leather Warranty as well.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer fabric protection to the Republic of Ireland at present.

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