Caring for your sofa

We are sure you will want to give your sofa lots of care and attention to ensure it is able to look after you in return. Most of our sofas have loose covers so that you can remove them for cleaning.

If you have any questions about caring for your sofa, do get in touch on or call. Below we have given you some advice on how to care for your sofa, fitting your sofa covers and important instructions on how to clean and care for our various fabrics. This should mean you are able to give your sofa the love it deserves!

washing instructions

house linen cotton
brushed linen cotton
pure belgian linen
broad weave linen
pure cotton matt velvet
soft textured linen
strong stripes
crushed florentine velvet
recycled wool
nomad stripes
dexter's linen
house viscose linen
lightweight linen
floral linen
roosevelt velvets

caring instructions

weight of covers
fitting your covers
cushion plumping
guardsman fabric protection

key to symbols

key to symbols
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