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Today we love… The Amazings

‘An online marketplace for wisdom’. Out with the old and in with the new – you won’t find this old saying on this website. The Amazings celebrates and promotes the specialist knowledge and talents of over 50s professionals, who have a wealth of knowledge to share, but who are often forgotten in this new-age era of gadgets and gizmos.

Fantastic activities and workshops from ‘Bread Making en Francais’ to a ‘Street Foodie Tour of East London’ are up for grabs. The opportunities are endless and often surprising, taught by people who have been doing their speciality for years. You can ‘Learn to knit’ in Virginia’s front room, or wonder the streets of Hackney with Andrew learning the art of Street photography.

You can ‘Book’ upcoming events, or ‘Unlock’ an event run by one of The Amazings, which gives you the chance to vote for what floats your boat, and if others want it too then the event will go ahead. Simple! From here the idea is that knowledge is shared and new friendships formed. All in all, it is a wonderful community of people passing on old skills to new people, to make us all that little bit wiser!

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